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About Us

Eugene’s new Distributor of Choice Oregon Electronics takes small-large orders, high service level distributor of electronic components and electromechanical products. Oregon electronics will built reputation as a distributor of electronic components over the next years. Excellent service combined with 100% order and shipping accuracy delivers a powerful supply chain solution to meet customer demands. If we don’t have it we can order for you. Personal Expertise OE understands that customers are more than an account number – they are people first and customers second. OE maintains personal expertise from a dedicated account manager to customers. The OE web site offers lots of products a great tool for any engineer. Product Solutions With all kinds of parts online and our store front, engineers and purchasers will look to OE for prototyping due to its broad range of product solutions from over lots of world-class suppliers. OE relationships with suppliers are a key strength in maintaining high standards of product availability. The breadth of product offering means that OE is able to provide product solutions to a wide range of customers from all areas of industry and commerce.